Physical Education


  1. Sesame Street – guided home exercise, meditation and activity videos (Lower Primary).
  2. Move Crew – a UK active initiative in which kids are given daily physical activity missions.  Each mission is designed to help kids unlock their 60 minutes of daily recommended activity (Primary & High School).
  3. KIDDO At-Home Activity Pack – register for a free Kiddo account to access a pack full of great games, challenges and Fundamental Motor Skills activities for children aged 3-8 to play at home.  Activities can be printed and provided in take home packs (Lower Primary).
  4. Move, Play and Go – a selection of games and physical activity ideas from the Move Well, Eat Well team, suitable for primary school students (Primary School).
  5. #HPEatHome – a Twitter hashtag providing countless HPE activities and lesson ideas for learning at home (Primary & High School).
  6. Active at Home – Facebook group dedicated to providing fun ideas to get kids moving while learning at home (Primary & High School).
  7. Active for Life – website dedicated to raising physically literate kids.  Includes lesson plans and activity ideas for learning at home (Primary & High School).
  8. NSW Governmentstaying active resources for adults and kids (Primary & High School).



  1. School of Strength – a selection of fitness workouts from the Special Olympics team designed to keep students active while learning at home (Primary & High School).
  2. Sam Wood – join Sam for a live whole family workout at home (Primary & High School).
  3. UTV – take part in a 10-minute workout (Upper Primary & High School).
  4. WODWELL – CrossFit-style bodyweight workouts (High School).
  5. Move with Colour – dance at home with these 10-minute routines (Upper Primary & High School).
  6. Snow Active – workout at home with Snow Australia’s physical activity sessions (High School).
  7. 57 Awesome Family Dance Party Jams – a family-friendly Spotify playlist for a dance party at home.  Includes songs from the 1950s to today.  The playlist can be accessed from the website or via Spotify. (Primary & High School).


Sport-Specific Programs


Football (Soccer)

  1. Football Skills Hubmaster your skills before taking on the #PlayAtHomeChallenge (Primary & High School). 
  2. The third, fourth and fifth editions of the #PlayAtHomeChallenge (Primary & High School).

Football (AFL)

  1. NAB AFL Auskick at Home – regularly updated home-based football clinics featuring AFL identities (Primary School).
  2. FootyFit  – free membership to receive weekly workouts and activities focused on skills, fitness, nutrition and mindset.  Note: Pitched to female participants (Primary & High School).


  1. Trystars-at-Home Activity Seriesincludes an activity tracker, game sheets and more (Primary & High School).


  1. Hockey at Home – digital hub featuring clinics and content from Hockey Australia (Primary & High School).


  1. #HomeCourtChallenge – complete a trick shot on video and win weekly prizes (Primary & High School).
  2. #BasketballAtHome – home-based skill challenges and activity ideas from the International Basketball Foundation (Primary & High School).


  1. Street Squashplay squash anytime, anywhere!  Includes a video containing activities to try at home, which could be modified to suit alternative equipment.  Students can also access a free Street Squash paddle kit (pay for postage) if they don’t have any suitable items at home (Primary & High School).


Swim Swam – at-home, dry-land swim-specific and general workouts.