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Moonah Primary School caters for students from Birth to Grade 6.  At Moonah Primary School we strive to ensure students are placed in classes that are diverse, safe and supportive to their individual needs.  Composite classrooms, in which children from two or more year levels are combined within one grade, have become common in many schools around the world and are the most common classroom structure at Moonah Primary.  Many schools and experts regard composite classrooms as optimal for student learning and incorporate them as an educational choice.  Experts say that composite classrooms are more flexible; allow children to work at their own pace; offer a wider range of friendship opportunities; and encourage more co-operation and tolerance.  Proponents of composite classrooms adhere to the theory that children should be taught relating to the stage they are at rather than by their age.  This is in line with the theory that in life, age stratification does not exist.


2022 Class Structures


  • Kinder & Kinder/Prep 
  • Prep
  • 1/2 classes x2
  • 2/3
  • 3/4 classes x2
  • 4/5
  • 5/6 classes x2