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ICT Crew 

Working with Mr. Symons and Mr. Wade to provide technical and hardware support to teachers and students within the classroom setting.  Senior ICT Crew will also assist with sound set up and technical supporting during whole school performances and assemblies.  ICT Crew will be responsible for plugging in laptops and iPads of an afternoon and making sure the ICT cabinets are locked each day, headphones are stored correctly, any accessories are cared and accounted for, and check for damage or need for repair on all devices and accessories.   


Library Monitors

The Library leadership students will assist in the daily lunchtime open sessions. Working in pairs twice a week, students will re-shelve books, put out lunchtime activities and help other students in cleaning up at the end of the session. Library opening hours will be during first lunch – 12:55 – 1:10 pm.


Compost Kids

These students will be working with Kristina (our garden specialist) to ensure all fruit and vegetables scraps are used for compost.  Students will visits classes every day to collect compost and deliver it to the garden.  These students will also be responsible for educating younger students regarding recycling and sustainability. 


Communication Crew

This leadership opportunity requires students to take responsibility for the two public display boards in the school.  Block C and Block B both have boards for parent communication.  Students will ensure the newsletter is posted in A3 size on these boards each week.  The communication crew is also responsible for changing the sign on a regular basis. 



Students are required to put the flags up in the morning and afternoon each day.  Students must have a knowledge of the correct way to hoist a flag and ensure they are up the right way.  These students will also have times where the flags may be used in ceremonies or assemblies.



The Student Representative Council are a group of student who work with the Principal, Teachers and students within the school. They will assist with events around the school, fundraisers, daily activities and will also be excellent role models within the school. SRC students will sometimes have to commit their own time to tasks and activities. The SRC are a group of students from year 3-6. There are 4 school leaders and 2 representatives from each 3/4 and 5/6 class will be elected to be members of this group.


Aussie Sport Leaders

Year 5/6 students will have the opportunity to lead and develop games for lunch time activities for all classes.  The Aussie Sport Leaders are expected to be well organised, punctual and lead by example.  They will motivate and inspire others to fully participate in all activities throughout lunch time. The Aussie Sport leaders will also have a role in checking equipment is kept in the right classes, places and returned where needed.



Class Sports Bins

Selected students from each class will be chosen as sport bin monitors and be responsible for checking their own sports bin on a daily basis.  If there is additional or missing equipment they will endeavour to find it, return it or report it to the PE/class teacher or Aussie Sport Leader so it can be accounted for. Each class is responsible for their own equipment.