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Play Pod


Inquiry and playbased learning are priorities at Moonah Primary School. We value the importance of play for our young  students’ social, emotional and academic development.  One of the main avenues for open-ended student directed play is our Play Pod.  Our Play Pod allows our students opportunities to participate and learn thought self-directed and unstructured play. It is a large shipping container full of materials and equipment (loose parts) that can stimulate, facilitate and enhance children’s play. It includes all sorts of factory off-cuts including wooden, plastic, rope, dress ups, kitchen utensils and other materials (all quality controlled for safety purposes. The children use the material as they engage in creative play together building  rocket ships, stages, cars, cubby’s; and endless other play spaces! This then leads to all sorts of imaginative games and role play, as well as opportunities to fine tune many of the social skills and coping strategies taught explicitly in our classrooms.  Our Play Pod is a popular lunch time activity for all ages and promotes creativity, problem solving and collaboration. The children are free to use their imagination and reinvent their environment as they play with the materials.  Research has shown that introducing Play Pods into school playgrounds positively changes the culture of play at lunch times.