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Enrichment Programs

Students at Moonah Primary School have the opportunity to partake in a number of extra-curricular learning opportunities.   These programs are designed to provide students with authentic and diverse learning experiences and are run by a number of specialised staff.  Over the course of the year students have the opportunity to participate in the four elements of The Arts; Dance, Drama, Music and Visual Arts. The skills that students develop are taken from the Australian Curriculum.


Learning Experiences include:


  • Specialised drama classes
  • Small group Band lessons
  • Choir for primary aged students
  • Drumbeat sessions
  • Specialised visual art lessons
  • Design and technology classes
  • Media Arts
  • Chess
  • Literacy Enrichment


Through these programs, we seek students to develop the following keys ideas:


  • Nurturing creative and expressive potential
  • An understanding of the processes, skills and techniques relating to various Art elements
  • The ability to discover and interpret the world around them
  • Understanding and valuing cultural differences