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Moonah Primary School’s kitchen garden plays a central role in the culture of our school community.


Moonah Primary School has created a vibrant and positive food culture with our large productive kitchen garden at its heart. As a demonstration school for the Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden (SAKG) program since 2009, we immerse our students in hands-on, pleasurable food education, and our students grow and harvest fresh, seasonal produce in the garden and prepare and share dishes in the kitchen from the food they have grown.


Our kitchen garden is the heart of our school, and offers a rich resource for classroom learning.

At MPS we are always striving to find ways to embed the kitchen garden program across all areas of the curriculum. Examples of the curriculum alignment that will occur this term include:


Celebrating our diverse cultures through food.

At MPS we celebrate our multicultural community. We actively seek input from our diverse cultures to connect with the food that families enjoy at home. Families are encouraged to share recipes from their culture and share their food knowledge in cooking classes, and these dishes are incorporated into the termly canteen menu and offered to students as blackboard specials. The canteen will offer students and families `tastes’ of new and unfamiliar foods to broaden and enrich students’ food experiences and to celebrate the diverse food cultures and choices of our MPS families.


Engaging with the community through food.

Volunteers and supporters play an invaluable role in the success of our kitchen garden program, and every year we recognise their contribution with an al fresco long table lunch in the garden. The Canteen menu is promoted to families through the weekly newsletter and through social media, and we monitor feedback from families regarding the food being offered. We are connecting with our Aboriginal community through the employment of an Aboriginal Education Worker who will collaborate with the Garden and Kitchen Specialist to incorporate bushfoods into the Kitchen Garden Program. MPS engages with the wider communi-ty with fundraising enterprises, which include making preserves from excess produce, which students sell at our annual stall at the Moonah Taste of the World Festival, and hosting regular fundraising Celebrity Chef Dinners, which features a renowned local chef who works with students and creates a menu featuring school garden produce.